Patreon allows you to subscribe and get notifications on new comics (which I think I failed to do with this website). It also allows you to become my patron and buy me beer and/or instant ramen automatically every month! On Patreon I will be posting behind the scene drawing/work flow videos and extra comics beyond Antimatter. The pledge can be changed or canceled at anytime.


@soul_capture | @nutsineekijbunchoo


As cheesy as IG may sound to many of you, it is the most popular platform for visual artists. This is where I will be posting my travel photos, photos of people I run into, and stories. I do take commissions. So please feel free to contact me (email, IG/Twitter DM, whichever way you prefer).




I rarely post anything science related on Twitter. Be prepared for anything from Comics to random photos of alpacas.



Nutsinee’s Vlog Book

I document what I do in the lab with a GoPro. Most of the stuff never leave my backup drives, but sometimes I feel like making vlogs out of them. Also random cooking b-rolls.



I recently decided to make a little money on the side with this (expensive) hobby. I take all sorts of commissions. I also have an ABN (Australian Business Number)!