My name is Nutsinee Kijbunchoo (First name is pronounced exactly the way it’s spelled. Feel free to try the last name but I won’t expect you to get it right). I’m a physics graduate and currently an operator at LIGO Hanford.  I spent years doing research on dusty stars and supernovae. Now I hunt gravitational waves.



When I started drawing for The Daily Reveille (LSU Newspaper) during the summer of 2011, I was asked to come up with a “hammer”. I chose Antimatter simply because it was easy to memorize, astrophysics related, and pretty much describes my comics in one word. I quit drawing for the newspaper a semester later but the name stuck.



If you would like to use my comics on presentations or for any non-profit purposes go ahead and do it (an email where and how you’ll be using it would be nice, but not required if you don’t feel like it). Any use for profit please email me at n.kijbunchoo@gmail.com. If you want a proper printout of any of my comics also contact me.